As Marist Sisters, we are one branch of an international Marist family who came into being in France shortly after the French Revolution. Called by a gracious choice, our mission is to live and proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to our world. We are inspired and challenged by the vision and witness of our founders to follow Mary through our life journey, to be the Marian face of the Church: to think, to judge, to feel and to act as Mary did.
We live out our mission through the integration of prayer and action. We take simple vows and commit ourselves to live in community. The secret of living in a unity that goes beyond differences of age, personality, culture and nationality has to be learned. It is built up day by day through the efforts of each sister to create an atmosphere of mutual trust, forgiveness and support.
The fruit of our community living and our prayer flows into joyful service in our ministries. We are called to be contemplatives in action, sharing our time, our talents, and our spiritual riches with others. We endeavour to work with people in the manner of Mary, being sensitive to their needs, especially the poor and underprivileged.


Marist Spirituality
The spirituality of a religious congregation is linked with its foundational story. Marist spirituality has been defined as a certain way of living the life of the Spirit given to us in Baptism. The Marist way of living out one’s Baptism can only be learned from Mary herself. Even though she was the mother of Christ, she never claimed any honours for herself. After the ascension of Jesus she was simply one of the believers in the group of disciples who kept alive the message he had given them.
As Marists we try to identify with Mary, learning from her how to relate to people in an unobtrusive way. We try to cultivate devotion to her by reflecting her attitudes in our community living, and in our dealings with others. A key theme in Marist spirituality is “hidden and unknown”. It suggests a way of carrying out one’s ministry. It avoids the pitfall of drawing attention to oneself. It challenges us to put the needs of others before our personal goals so that God and his people are served after the manner of Mary, the perfect disciple.